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Will Apple release iTV?
Will Apple release iTV?

I just posted a link about Labyrinth on tvtag


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What does the outcry over the euthanasia of Excalibur the Ebola dog in Spain tell us about human values?

Answer by Anderson Moorer:

Maybe it reflects the fact that people understand that the euthanasia was needless, as opined by major veterinary organizations as well as experts on the disease.

Of course people are going to feel outrage when a government ignores expert advice and the pleas of the dying owner and kills the pet of a woman even as she is fighting for her own life… a woman who contracted the disease while helping others in an international effort. Some thanks.

Not only is there sympathy for the animal and the feelings of the owners, but outrage at the inflexible way in which officials refused to even stop to consider alternatives to effectively killing a member of a victims family.

A dog may not be human, but they are beloved and emotionally connected in a way which deserves basic respect. That respect was notably missing.

Regarding signatures petitioning for research on Ebola getting less signatures, perhaps that reflects people’s awareness that it is a disease which has been a subject of research for decades now.
What does the outcry over the euthanasia of Excalibur the Ebola dog in Spain tell us about human values?

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